Dream Experimental      2009. 13''x21''. Acrylic & Ink.

Dream Experimental

Take Me to the Opera      2010. 14''x20''. Acrylic/Ink.

Take Me to the Opera

Lithoranthum Rising      2011. 13''x 20''. Acrylic/Ink.

Lithoranthum Rising

Only in Dreams      2011. 18''x20''. Ink/Graphite..

Only in Dreams

Male and Female I      2010. 8.5''x 10.5''. Ink.

Male and Female I

Batman & Catwoman      2010. 13''x20''. Acrylic.

Batman & Catwoman

New Plaything      2010. 10.25''x13'' Acrylic/Ink.

New Plaything

Cylnreth Body Commissionn      2010. 11''x14''. Acrylic/Ink.

Cylnreth Body Commission

Maggie Mae Commission      2010. 5''x7''. Acrylic/Ink

Maggie Mae Commission

The Circus is in Town      2010. 11''x14''. Acrylic & Ink.

The Circus is in Town

Sundar 1      2010. 10''x22''. Acrylic & Ink.

Sundar 1

Ninja in the Flower Garden      2012. 15''x7.5''. Acrylic/Ink

Ninja in the Flower Garden 2

Hermione & Snape Commission      2011. 11''x14''. Acrylic.

Hermione & Snape Commission

Transfer of Passion      2014. 9''x9'' Acrylic/Ink

Transfer of Passion

Green Queen      2010. 12''x16''. Colored Pencil & Ink.

Green Queen

A Zombie      2011. 14''x20''. Ink

A Zombie

Irony      2010. 9’’x12’’. Graphite


After a Long Day      2015. 12''x18’’. Colored Pencil & Ink

After a Long Day